Automotive, metallurgy, textiles, health, agribusiness… The diversity of Lyon’s industrial heritage is unique in France. This variety gives industrial companies a considerable advantage for pursuing ambitious projects.


Lyon and its industries share a history and a future of (re)invention

All across the Lyon region, industry has established itself as major sector of the economy, shaped by four centuries of technical challenges and progress. This highly diversified industrial base is reflected in the many specialisations of local firms, in silk, chemicals, the environment, transport, mobility, energy and pharma-biotech, to name a few.


Lyon’s industry in numbers

  • 75,550 jobs in 6,790 industrial establishments, 
    • i.e. 13% of all local employment (sources: Acoss-Urssaf (31/12/2018) and Insee-REE (31/12/2017))
  • 1,200 industrial jobs created in 2018, 
    • representing 10% of all industrial jobs created in France
  • 5,300 hectares of industrial zones, 
    • i.e. 80% of all business zones (source: Land Use and Housing Plan of Métropole de Lyon)
  • 4 large industrial sites awarded the label "Showcase of French Fab" by the Alliance Industrie du Futur: Air Liquide, Framatome, Gravotech, SNCF.

These companies chose Lyon and its region

With their advanced know-how and technologies, the Lyon area’s industrial companies benefit from a dense network of major industrial corporations, SMEs and innovative start-ups.

  • Bayer
  • Babolat
  • Gerflor
  • Lustucru
  • Materne
  • Porcelanosa
  • Renault Trucks
  • Saint Gobain
  • Schneider Electric
  • Seb
  • Vicat

The industry of the future is being built in Lyon

To build the industry of tomorrow requires meeting the challenges of today. We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Closer and cleaner, the industry of the future we build together means finding solutions to your needs, in terms of:

  • location, for greater agility,
  • sustainability, to address societal issues and to adapt your site to environmental standards,
  • competitiveness, to a successful transition to Industry 4.0,
  • skills, to provide you with a pool of talent trained locally for future needs.

LyonSaint-Étienne is a recognised “Land of innovation” thanks to its project for integrating and (re)connecting industry to the local territory and its people. We are developing a strategy for partnered actions to drive a renewal of industry in the Lyon Saint-Étienne area and to support the emergence of a more productive, safer and inclusive industry.


The entire territory is federated to promote the concept of French Fab, the banner of Made in France industry.

Zones specialised in industrial activities

In the Lyon region, industry contributes to the local area across more than 2,900 sites. Two areas are particularly emblematic of the industry of the future.


Industrial zones

The largest zones are:

Lyon Chemical Valley

A dynamic hub where innovation is driven by an exceptional ecosystem of companies involved in chemicals, advanced materials and energy solutions.

Municipalities: Feyzin, Irigny, Pierre-Bénite, Saint-Fons and Solaize.

Lyon Chemical Valley

Lyon Parilly Factories

A showcase for Lyon’s industrial excellence and know-how, this zone counts among the line-up of companies the Usin site which hosts:

  • Connected factories serving inspired industrialists, and 
  • The association La Ruche Industrielle. The association supports industrial companies in their transformation towards a sustainable, innovative industry of the future.

Municipalities: Lyon 8th, Saint-Priest, Vénissieux.

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