Information on administrative formalities, accommodation, finding employment, schooling and the local quality of life: if you plan to set up your company or to move to the Lyon area, we offer various services and tools to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

The keys to a successful set-up


A guide for new arrivals

Our guide for new arrivals lists useful tips and advice for a successful set-up. You will find all the information you need to guide you through the process, as well as useful addresses and contacts.


Lyon and its region

Get to know your future home and its many advantages! Consult our article devoted to the region complete with ID cards for each territory.


Quality of life

The art of Lyon living

Lyon is renowned for the quality of life enjoyed by its residents. Culture, gastronomy, soft modes of transport: the art of Lyon living takes many forms!



Work opportunities

In terms of employment, the Lyon metropolitan area is a major employment area, and unemployment is among the lowest in France. There are many job opportunities, especially in the region’s most dynamic sectors: industry, health, digital technologies etc.


Initial contacts

Finally, several structures offer services to newcomers, to make settling in easier and to enable them to make connections.


International schools

The Lyon region covers all educational needs, from nursery school to university, including several with international programmes for children from foreign countries, with dual nationality or who are bilingual. Each year, our international schools guide lists all the establishments to help you make your choice.



For foreign employees living in the Rhone county, holders of a "Passport Talent" visa and their families, but also employees on secondment, it provides simplified access and reduced delays for entry.

Contact Aderly at the following address: mobilite(at)


PhD students and international researchers may receive help from the Espace Ulys with their administrative procedures, settling in, and integration.

Formalities and financial support for your project 

An overview of the formalities and possible financing opportunities in the Lyon region to guarantee your project’s success.


Our services for professionals setting up a business in the Lyon region.

For all your needs, you can count on the help of our teams and partners before, during and after your arrival.

Do you have a project to set up your business or transfer your activity to our territory? 

We have developed tailor-made services to support you, your family, as well as your employees and their families during the early days of your set-up.

Examples of solutions:

Once you have set up in the Greater Lyon, area, our teams will continue to support the development of your company and your projects.

All our services to develop your business following set-up 

Discover Lyon

In Lyon and its surrounding area, you will benefit from an unparalleled quality of life, local dynamic communities, and a qualified work force to join your company, and a variety of territories to choose from.

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Our services

We support you to ensure the success of your business projects in the Lyon area 

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