The local authorities in the Lyon region and their partners work together with the same goal: the well-balanced development of the local area. This means sharing expertise, but it also means public and private partnerships and investment to support research and projects.

Together for balanced regional development

Together, the economic governance partners share their vision, skills and driving forces to ensure balanced development of the region.

Research and development, like urban projects, benefit directly from this partnership-based approach, which makes public and private investment possible.

The hallmark of the Lyon metropolitan area is this ability to work together.

Regional economic governance

Based on the capacity of its players to come together and mobilize for the long run, the Lyon metropolitan area’s regional economic governance is a decisive asset.

Governance promoting the area’s attractiveness: ONLYLYON

Since 2007, the ONLYLYON collective programme has worked:

  • to promote the Lyon metropolitan area,
  • to mobilize the area’s socioeconomic players in collective actions.