september 2017


The Institute of Industrial Resources (IRI) is pursuing its ambition to become the national benchmark in industrial career training. Boris Borgarino, Business Development Director, explains how much IRI’s location at the centre of Lyon’s 8th district makes sense for the joint development of the industry of the future.

IRI: a partner of growth for industrial companies in Lyon

"Our aim is to be as closely aligned as possible with the needs of manufacturers". This is how Boris Borgarino, Director of Business Development of the Institute of Industrial Resources, summarises the purpose of this training centre in industrial careers. Since 1961, IRI has aimed to help the sector’s companies attain the level of performance they seek. "We have a presence across the entire chain, in order to meet the needs of the manufacturers and help them develop their employees’ skills", he explains.

Although it has historically focused on metal working, over the past few years, IRI has opened up to other industrial areas, including plastics processing, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and chemicals.

And for good reason, since the centre is aiming to become "a national benchmark in training for industrial careers", indicates the director.

In pursuit of this goal, IRI expanded in 2015 to meet the challenges of transitioning towards the industry of the future. The centre’s historical premises were enlarged with an extension of nearly 6,700 sq. metres. This includes six training areas in new technologies, renewable energies, sustainable design and sustainable production.

Our aim is to be as closely aligned as possible with the needs of manufacturers.

Boris Borgarino, Director of Business Development at the Institute of Industrial Resources

Lyon Mermoz: the focal point of industry in Lyon

In Lyon Mermoz, IRI benefits from the numerous advantages of this site, which is now on the cutting edge of industrial innovation, training and development. "Lyon Mermoz is truly at the crossroads of Lyon’s flagship industries, at the centre of Lyon’s industrial employment base. The quarter is also very easy to reach by public transport and car, and it’s close to the airport. A real advantage for us", enthuses Boris Borgarino.

This has enabled IRI to confirm its role as the national benchmark in training for industrial careers. The institute relies on the expertise of the metropolitan area of Lyon, France's leading industrial city. An outstanding area boasting 75,000 jobs across 6,500 industrial establishments*, in a setting that’s also conducive to the arrival of new businesses. Boris Borgarino declares: "It’s clearly a solid base for the success of our project."

*Source: Acoss-Urssaf as of 31-12-2016 and Opale-Insee 2016

IRI in numbers

  • 30,000 sq. metres of industrial resources and equipment
  • More than 250 training courses
  • Nearly 30 diplomas, from the vocational training certificate to 5 years of university level studies
  • 180 vocational training specialists
  • Nearly 7,000 people trained per year, including 1,300 apprentices

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