At the crossroads of trade with Europe and the rest of the world, Lyon is continually increasing its visibility and attractiveness on the international stage. By mobilising its driving forces and relying on its strategic international networks, the Lyon metropolitan area promotes exports and attracts foreign economic stakeholders, residents and tourists.

Gateway to Europe and the world

Thanks to its strategic position, Lyon is a real gateway to the world: all of Europe is under 2 hours away and the airport offers service to over 120 destinations.

Access and transport system

Ideally situated at the crossroads of Europe, the Lyon region offers an ideal location to deploy your activities on foreign markets and to build partnerships abroad.

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Cooperation with partners around the world

Partner cities

Lyon is part of a network of 24 partner cities on every continent, working on various cooperation projects.

These represent opportunities for you to promote your company beyond national borders and grow your business internationally.

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International networks

The city is also the founder and an active member of 4 international networks:

  • Délice, a platform for discussing the role of gastronomy and food in the tourism, economic and environmental development of local areas
  • LUCI, the international network of cities for urban lighting and lighting festivals (Festival of Lights)
  • Eurocities, which has 140 European member cities striving to ensure that the voice of cities is recognised by the European institutions.
  • Silky Cities.

ONLYLYON Ambassadors

The Lyon metropolitan area can count on its 27,000 ONLYLYON ambassadors in 120 countries, to promote the city and its advantages.

You, too, can join the network and enhance Lyon’s reputation internationally!

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European Union

The support of the European Union also enables Lyon to be involved in numerous continental projects. Whether they’re sponsored or supported by Métropole de Lyon, the programmes of the European Commission finance innovative pilot experiments aiming to design the City of the Future.

And, every year, the local area receives 6.2 million euros from the European Social Fund to foster employment and economic and social cohesion.

When Lyon welcomes the whole world

International companies and institutions

The Lyon metropolitan area has 388 foreign-owned entities, employing 57,800 employees throughout the area (Source: CCI Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 2017). These include decision centres and leading companies, such as Renault Trucks, Electronic Arts, Sanofi, Bayer CropScience, Alstom, Hermès, Bank of China and Euronews.

Several renowned international institutions have also chosen to set up in Lyon. These include the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the P4 Jean Mérieux-Inserm Laboratory and Interpol - the International Criminal Police Organisation.

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International schooling

When it comes to schools, several international courses and degrees are available for young expats, from nursery school to university./p>

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International schooling

Lyon attracts 20,000 international students, who represent 12% of the student population in the metropolitan area (Source: MESRI - Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Education and the University of Lyon 2016-2017)., the students’ website of Métropole de Lyon


You can also find 67 consulates in Lyon. An online platform lists all of these diplomatic representations and their contact details.

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A collective of local partners mobilises every day to help existing companies with their export and international projects.

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