Published on 25 May 2023

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Ergoflix, Germany's leading supplier of folding electric wheelchairs, is setting up its business in Lyon. This initiative has received the support of the region and its economic development agency, Aderly.

According to figures from Insee, 18 million people over the age of 65 will be living in France by 2040. This ageing population, and their reduced autonomy, represent key societal issues. It is with this in mind that Ergoflix, Germany's leading designer of folding electric wheelchairs, decided to roll out its solutions on the French market. 

To do this, the company chose to set up its French branch at the heart of Lyon Métropole, with the support of Aderly. In December 2022, the company opened its subsidiary in Chassieu in the Porte des Alpes area.

Ergoflix : mobility solutions to combat isolation and loss of autonomy among the elderly

Founded in 2017 by two brothers, Dennis et David Stadler, Ergoflix provides medical mobility devices to help the elderly age comfortably. The Group's mission is to "remove taboos and help the elderly combat their loneliness" by providing everyone with the freedom to move around autonomously. Nicolas Bouguereau, former director of technical and commercial operations at Permobil France, is running the company's French subsidiary. Created in 2021, the company Ergoflix France has been marketing its devices in France since March 2022.

Our customers' needs are the same, whether they are in Germany or in France. Our job is to make them more mobile, a vital factor in their social lives, and make sure they can move around easily and comfortably.

- Nicolas Bouguereau, head of Ergoflix France

What is the Ergoflix solution? Electric wheelchairs that can be folded in three seconds, with 24-kilometre autonomy and eligible for French Social Security funding

All to "simplify accessibility and independence for people with reduced mobility", according to the company.

Lyon Metropole supports companies as they innovate to help people age comfortably and live healthily

Lyon Métropole welcomes to its region businesses that innovate in the medical-social field. It is particularly open to solutions that can benefit its inhabitants, throughout their lifetimes, to help them live comfortably and in good health.

For example, during "Blue Week" for senior citizens, it organises the "Forum for innovators in services for the elderly", also known as "Innovation and Ageing Comfortably Days". This year, for the first time, companies are invited to express their interest in testing and/or presenting their solutions to the region's healthcare users and professionals. Ergoflix took part in this initiative in October 2022 and spoke very highly of it on their LinkedIn page:

We had a lot of very interesting and informative discussions with the participants. Many thanks to Mathilde Mathon for organising the day!

Aderly is helping Ergoflix France settle in to the Greater Lyon area

Two months later, in December 2022, Ergoflix France joined the 1,200 companies located in the Mi-Plaine industrial estate, in the Porte des Alpes area of Lyon Métropole.

The company received support from Aderly, the Lyon area's Economic Development Agency. With the help of André Dubuisson, investment advisor, Ergoflix France found 450 square-metre premises in Mi-Park business park, at 6 rue d’Arsonval in Chassieu. Ideally located at the crossroads of northern and southern France, the company is continuing to work with Aderly as it conducts its recruitment drive

Ergoflix France's arrival in the Greater Lyon area will create twenty jobs over three years, as explained by Nicolas Bouguereau in this video interview.

Interview with Nicolas Bouguereau, France Country Manager at Ergoflix, conducted by Aderly on 19 April 2023. The German group Ergoflix expands into France, choosing Lyon as its base for its French operations. Based in Chassieu since December 2022, Ergoflix France markets folding electric wheelchairs and innovative mobility solutions. The head of Ergoflix France talks about the group's business and growth potential in France. He also explains why the company chose to set up in the Greater Lyon area, how Aderly helped them and what benefits the agency brought.

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