With more than 175,000 companies and more than 650,000 jobs in the private sector, Lyon and its region are both the second largest economic powerhouse in France and a major decision-making centre.

Companies and jobs

With 31,830 companies created in 2022, the economic vitality of the Lyon metropolitan area makes it the perfect place for entrepreneurship.
Source: Insee-SIDE 2022

  • 176,300 public and private entities
    6,070 SMEs and 215 medium-sized businesses
    Source: Insee-REE 31/12/2021
  • 863,000 jobs
    Source: Insee - Jobs estimations 31/12/2021
  • 650,000 jobs are salaried in the private sector
    Source: Urssaf 31/12/2022
  • 18,800 jobs created in the private sector, up 3% in one year
    Source: Urssaf as at 31/12/2022
  • 7.2% unemployment rate in the Lyon metropolitan area
    In France: 7.3%
    Source: Insee, Q4 2023
  • 1006 companies have signed the "1,000 charter"
    Source: Annuaire des entreprises signataires 31/03/2023
  • 6,390 employees integrated through the 66 Structures of integration through economic activity ("SIAEs") in 2022
  • 34 million euros from the European Social Fund for employment and insertion in the Lyon metropolitan area over the period 2022-2027
  • 65 companies relocated by Aderly in the Lyon region area in 2022,
    1,452 jobs created over 3 years,
    22 foreign projects.
    Source: The Lyon Region Area Economic Development Agency (Aderly) 2022
  • 558 companies still active out of the 895 set up in the region with Aderly’s support over the period 2010-2020
    and 12,121 directs jobs.
    Source: Socio-economic footprint modelised by Utopies and the Lyon Region Area Economic Development Agency (Aderly) 2022

Lyon remains the 1st most attractive French metropolis.

Source: Arthur Loyd Barometer 2022


Here are a few figures that, on their own, illustrate the attractiveness and the vitality of the Lyon region:

  • The construction of 7,870 houses was started between 2018 and 2020
    Source: DREAL
  • 5,280 restaurants, including 19 Michelin-starred
    Source: Insee-REE 31/12/2021 and Michelin Guide 2023
  • 16,500 businesses and services
    €8 billion in annual turnover in 2022
    Source: 11th survey by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon 2022
  • 236 weekly markets in the Lyon metropolitan area
  • 253 hotels and tourism residences
    18 000 rooms
    Source: Lyon Métropole 2022
  • 2nd French city for hosting congresses
    Source: ICCA Ranking 2022
  • 30,000 associations
  • 88 libraries or media libraries
  • 73 conservatories and schools dof music, dance, theatre and circus supported by Lyon Métropole
  • 40 performance halls
  • 11 parks

The inhabitants of Lyon are the most ardent ambassadors of their city: 90.9% of the people questioned recommend their city to those wishing to move.

Source: survey by Hellowork and Hays 2021

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