The digital sector is Lyon area’s #1 sector of excellence in terms of growth rate, and it draws on a cutting-edge environment to tackle its big challenges. In Lyon, it ticks all sustainable-development boxes: renowned schools and research laboratories, a strong entrepreneurial and industrial culture, and suitable property and infrastructure.


The digital sector in Greater Lyon: key figures

  • 2nd biggest digital hub in France
  • No.1 growth sector: +25% job growth over five years in software, data processing, and content
  • 50,000 jobs
  • 7,000 companies
  • 1 competitiveness cluster: Minalogic
  • 5 clusters with a big digital component: software and digital services, e-health, light technology, cybersecurity of industrial and urban systems, video games

  • 10 accelerators
  • 20 incubators
  • More than 600 training programmes and over 130 students in information and communication technology (ICT)

  • 25 research laboratories

A red-hot digital ecosystem

Greater Lyon is fully invested in the growth of digital players, through its many innovation-driving bodies.

The cities of Lyon and Saint-Étienne joined forces in 2019 to form French Tech One Lyon St-Étienne, and obtained the Capitale French Tech labelSpanning a network of 1,000 start-ups, it’s the second-largest start-up ecosystem in France after the Ile-de-France region, and the second-largest fundraising centre (more than €267 million in 2018.)

Its flagship address, the H7, which opened in May 2019, now gives accelerator backing to more than 50 start-ups and hosts regular tech events locally.

These companies have chosen Greater Lyon:

  • Agicap
  • Arskan
  • Attestation Légale
  • Cegid
  • Cosmotech
  • Dimo Software
  • Esker
  • iExec
  • Georges Tech
  • LDLC
  • Lumapps
  • Navya
  • Obiz
  • Opera Energie
  • Tilkee
  • Troops
  • UbiTransport
  • Visiativ
  • Wizaplace

Lyon and Saint-Etienne: a pool of attractive, qualified talent

France’s second-largest centre for higher education, Lyon has more than 300 university programmes devoted to digital, and many engineering schools.

The Lyon metro area is also home to several digital-tech schools such as Epitech, Epita, l’INSA, Digital Campus, EPSI and Ecole 42.

Lyon also has the second-largest centre for developers in France, with 14.8% of the national total (source: Stack Overflow 2017). It also features in the global top 20 cities that are attractive to developers (source: : Where to Live as a Software Engineer, 2018).

Lastly, Greater Lyon boasts a particularly vibrant tech community of nearly 50 meet-up groups: Lyon Tech Hub, La Cuisine du Web, Lyon is AI, Crypto Lyon, CARALyon, Lyon Data Science, etc.

Real estate for the digital sector

In the Lyon metropolitan area, digital is expanding in four main hubs that are the sector’s nerve centres:

  • Lyon Confluence,  the media and creative hub, hosts the flagship French Tech venue, the H7, in a former boiler factory. It offers 5,000 sq m of floorspace for high-potential start-ups; a spacious events venue for innovating, and for digital players; a food court, etc.
  • Lyon Part-Dieu, the fast-changing business district, now provides a new varied and flexible offering (Wojo, MamaWorks, Deskeo, state-of-the-art service-sector property, etc.)
  • Lyon Vaise, historically Lyon’s digital-sector district with the HQs of international groups like Cegid, Bandai Namco, Electronic Arts, Econocom, SQLI, etc.
  • Villeurbanne,  which is home to the dynamic Pôle Pixel, France’s biggest provincial cluster devoted to the creative industries and digital content. It hosts nearly 100 firms in 22,000 sq m, plus the mythical Studio 24.
  • Villeurbanne is also home to scientific campus LyonTech-la Doua, which offers direct access to 40% of Lyon’s scientific potential: 20,000 students and 80 research laboratories. The campus also hosts more than 50 innovative firms such as Pulsalys, a deep-tech star.

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