The vitality and variety of its ecosystem puts Greater Lyon at the forefront of numerous fields. Industry, health, environmental technologies and digital technologies: have a look at the panorama of sectors where the Lyon area excels.


Our sectors of excellence, a source of growth and opportunities


A strong and wide-ranging industrial heritage. Métropole de Lyon is working towards integrating and (re)connecting industry to the local territory and its people.



Health and biotechnologies 

The strength and quality of a cutting-edge sector, promoting healthy lives.


Environmental technologies

A growth-driven, innovative ecosystem for companies specialising in chemicals, materials, transport and mobility, and energy transition.


Digital technologies

Lyon, a thriving digital hub with an active Tech community.


Logistics and transport 

A strategic and well-structured sector in a region with prime locations for storing merchandise and organising multimodal transport.


Tourism, hotels and leisure services

An important sector of the local economy, guided in its development to ensure a balanced and diversified offering, with a view to long-term viability.



Culture and the creative industries

Recognised as a place for avant-garde creation, the Lyon area attracts creative talent in all fields.


Social economy, social innovation

Noted for taking the lead in social innovation, the Lyon area fosters the development of a responsible economy, attentive to social and environmental issues.


Services to individuals and companies

The services sector continues to prosper, particularly in high-level services such as banking, insurance, engineering and consulting.


At your service

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