October 2023

LDLC, a pioneer in the French e-commerce sector, has grown and diversified considerably since it was founded in Lyon in 1996. Based in Limonest and fully aware of its impact on the region, the group offers innovative solutions for employee well-being.

LDLC, a pioneer in the French e-commerce sector

Laurent de la Clergerie, an economics and electronical engineering graduate, founded LDLC in Lyon in 1996. Olivier, now Group Managing Director, and his sister Caroline soon joined their brother Laurent. The difference when you work with your family is that you tell each other absolutely everything, says Laurent de la Clergerie, CEO of LDLC Group. Now based in Limonest, in the west of Lyon Métropole, the group continues to prosper.

Now with over 100 physical stores et 7 online stores, LDLC has seen continuous growth. The group bought Materiel.net in 2016, BIMP in 2017, and Top Achat in 2020, putting it in pole position as France's leading computer and high-tech retailer.

Today, our goal is still to scale up, to grow. We have the same values as the brands we bought out.

Laurent de la Clergerie, founder and CEO of LDLC Group

At the same time, LDLC Group is diversifying. In 2016, it created Armoire de Bébé, a brand specialising in baby products.

The LDLC campus at Limonest

As it expanded, LDLC chose to stay in the Lyon metropolitan area: I'm happy here!, says the CEO of LDLC. Located in the Puy d’Or business park in Limonest, the group's headquarters including its offices, the LDLC School, and a dome-shaped "life hub" building, are spread over one hectare. This American-inspired campus expresses the group's values: an ideal workplace that is both "geek and fun", focusing on well-being. With a green hub that employees can climb, a concierge service, gyms and break rooms, a huge cafeteria, etc. the campus has everything employees need to feel better than good.

LDLC has a soul. Each individual has their own reason for working for us. We offer a great deal of autonomy, everyone is in tune with our values, and nobody wants to leave at the end of the day. Everyone finds meaning in being here, says Laurent de la Clergerie.

Actions to boost the Lyon region's development

Laurent de la Clergerie is adamant that we must continue to develop the Greater Lyon region :

This is the region that helped me grow. We must give back what we have gained; we must let the region benefit.

Through its foundation Fondation Groupe LDLC, the group has been running philanthropic initiatives for a number of years. It supports some of the region's cultural players, such as the Théâtre des Célestins, the Opéra de Lyon, Les Nuits de Fourvière festival, and the Auditorium — Orchestre National de Lyon. These sponsorships began during the period immediately after Covid and were repeated in 2022 and 2023.

The group is also heavily involved in local sport. LDLC has sponsored ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne basketball club ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne since 2012, including their professional men's team which changed its name to "LDLC ASVEL" in 2018. In autumn 2019, it extended its sponsorship to the women's team which then became "LDLC ASVEL féminin". We wanted to find a sport that suited us; it's a good way to give back to the Lyon region some of what it has given us, says Laurent de la Clergerie.

Commitments to the environment and education

In addition to the 3,400 sq. metres of vegetation and 60 trees planted in and around its headquarters, LDLC expresses its commitment to the environment through its contributions to Team for the Planet. It's from Lyon and I'm from Lyon: Laurent de la Clergerie is convinced that behind this non-profit organisation lie real enthusiasts who are running a sincere project. LDLC Group is one of the principal shareholders of the fund, which finances innovations from all over the world aimed at tackling climate change.

LDLC also set up its own school. Since 2015, the school has run a three-year Bachelor's degree course in digital and economic transition project management. Based at the LDLC campus in Limonest, students come into direct contact with group employees. The aim is to train students to become entrepreneurs who are not necessarily experts in all fields but who are able to apply themselves to all fields, explains the founder of LDLC.

LDLC and the desire to "live better"

If 20 to 40% of French people worked four days a week, France's mental health would completely change. Having experimented with the four-day week (32 hours)for almost three years, Laurent de la Clergerie is absolutely sure of this. Initially curious to see what this change would mean, the results of his experiment, which began in 2021, won him over. Stress is the disease of the century. And the four-day week is a solution that works very effectively. Our employees achieve more, and are in better health. It's counter-intuitive but I tested it to find out.

He believes the four-day week has many benefits for the region. It would benefit local tourism, for example and would revitalise sectors that are struggling. If tomorrow 20 to 40% of French people worked four days, they would look for ways to fill the other three days: tourism, sport, hobbies, etc., which would boost these sectors. Another positive impact of the four-day week could be reducing pressure on hospitals due to the benefits it has on health, says Laurent de la Clergerie.

Finally, LDLC constantly reassesses its employees' salaries de ses collaborateurs et collaboratrices. It is also taking action to improve gender equality by implementing a congé parental de 20-week parental leave in 2023. This helps to balance parents' workload and task-sharing. Parents employed by the LDLC Group are also given a longer period of time to find childcare.

LDLC in figures

  • 1 in computer and high-tech retail in France
  • over 1,000 employees
  • 567.4 million euros in revenue (between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023)
  • 15 brands, one school, and one foundation
  • 100 physical stores
  • 7 online stores offering offering 1,500 brands, 50,000 reférences

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