Damien Vessereau Investment Advisor - industry, chemistry, environment, textiles

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Damien Vessereau Investment Advisor - industry, chemistry, environment, textiles

Having obtained a degree in chemical engineering, Damien held a number of positions in R&D and on industrial sites, where he explored a variety of fields of application in the chemical sector: from “low fat” chocolate (Nestle) to plastic film for the food industry (Linpac), and from biofuel to thermal stabilizers (IFP - Solvay).

Damien then began working for a start-up consultancy specialising in innovation financing, first in Paris and then in Lyon. He helped companies of all sizes analyse their innovation projects and obtain funding, particularly in the nuclear sector.

Convinced that innovation is now, more than ever before, a key strategic growth driver for business and an important solution for climate change, Damien trained in innovation processes and tools. In 2020, he graduated from IRIIG with an MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation). He is now working on the upcoming “Innovation Management System” ISO at the French standardisation body AFNOR, and regularly presents these subjects to IRIIG students.

As a resident of Lyon since 2012, Damien wishes to participate even further in his adopted region’s outreach by calling into play his personal commitments: providing support to industrial companies and talent, boosting innovation, and fostering the environmental transition. He joined Aderly in summer 2023 to identify, promote and support positive-impact businesses wishing to set up in the region, in the industrial, chemical, environmental and textile sectors.

Languages: German, English, French