A land of gastronomy, farming, food-sector companies and innovation, the Lyon area is full of opportunities for food professionals, from field to table.

Food and beverage industry key figures


  • 10,600 ha of farmland
  • 273 farmers in the Lyon metropolitan area (source: Draaf 2019)
  • 17% AB-certified organic farms
  • 92 farms sell through local distribution channels (2019)

Processing firms

  • Approximately 6,000 jobs (source: Acoss-Urssaf 31/12/2019)

Retail and restaurants

  • 6 group sales outlets, 42 community-supported farming associations (AMAP), 8 farmers’ markets, 8 organic markets, 236 weekly markets
  • 5,280 restaurants
  • 18 stars
  • 4,600 people working in institutional catering (2019)


  • 4,350 jobs in the Lyon metropolitan area (2019)

A food strategy for the Lyon metropolitan area

Lyon Métropole is mobilizing alongside food stakeholders to increase food self-sufficiency in the region and reduce food poverty. Together, we are building the Lyon area’s food project, the PATLY.

With a focus on food resilience and justice, PATLY has 6 key aims:

  • building food governance
  • encouraging sustainable local farming
  • fostering development and cooperation among industry players
  • working towards exemplary institutional catering
  • fighting against food poverty
  • improving local residents’ food habits.

The Lyon metropolitan area food project (in French)

A favorable environment for food-industry players

The food sector in the Lyon region covers the entire value chain, from food farming to processing, trade, distribution and consumption. These steps literally go "from field to plate".

These companies and chefs have chosen the Lyon area


  • Brake France
  • Blédina
  • Bjorg Bonneterre & Cie / Ecotone
  • La Vie Claire
  • Mille et un repas
  • Ninkasi
  • Nutrisens
  • Omeris
  • Panzani
  • Voisin


  • Alain Alexanian
  • Anthony Bonnet
  • Grégory Cuilleron
  • Jérémy Galvan
  • Guy Lassausaie
  • Régis Marcon
  • Tabata Mey
  • Nour Milan
  • Christophe Roure
  • Davy Tissot
  • Takao Takano
  • Christian Têtedoie
  • Mathieu Viannet

Local organizations to help you in the transition

In the Lyon area, many organizations support companies in their projects, for a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food system.

Tech and innovation

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)

The SSE has many players in the food sector, in particular companies, nonprofits, SCOPs (cooperative and participative companies) or SCICs (cooperative companies of collective interest), which promote the values of healthy and sustainable food. Several SSE incubators and accelerators have also developed food programs.

  • The Ronalpia incubator supports entrepreneurs with socially beneficial projects in transforming their idea into a company with a viable business model.
  • The VRAC Lyon Métropole nonprofit organization fosters the development of joint purchasing organizations in top-priority neighborhoods specified in the Lyon metropolitan area’s urban policy.
  • The Rhône Alpes Auvergne Social and Solidarity Grocers Group (GESRA) supports the development and management of some fifty social and solidarity grocery stores.
  • The region’s Local Food Group (GRAP), a cooperative that combines processing and distribution activities in the local organic food industry, provides support services and provides premises for entrepreneurs to develop their business.
  • Les Petites Cantines, a non-profit network of neighborhood cafeterias, supports entrepreneurs in setting up a Petite Cantine location in their city or neighborhood.
  • Many other non-profit organizations in the Lyon metropolitan area are developing projects in the supply chain, food waste reduction and other topics.

Sustainable purchasing in food and local distribution channels

Developing a sustainable approach to purchasing in the food sector requires local farmers and distribution channels. Several initiatives have been developed in the Lyon area, including La Super Halle d’Oullins, a store where local farmers sell their food directly to shoppers.

Reducing food waste

The focus is also on reducing food waste by carrying out actions with organizations such as Recup & Gamelles, which raise awareness in the fight against food waste (collection of unsold items, upcycled food production, etc.).

Taking the environment into account

Various initiatives to help take the environment into consideration have also been launched in the Lyon area:

  • In Charly, the Applied Botany Research Center (CRBA) has built a partnership project with the world’s oldest seed bank, the Vavilov Institute. Its Melchior farm project is designed as a laboratory for European biodiversity adapted to climate change.
  • The Ardab, an association of organic farmers from the Rhône and Loire regions, has set up a program to help canteens and cafeterias introduce local organic products into their menus.
  • The Lyon Area Agroecology initiative (Agro écologie agglomération lyonnaise), a Lyon-area agri-environmental and climate project, offers a set of complementary actions to encourage agroecology in the area.

Major food-industry facilities in the area

Major sites are dedicated to the food industry in the Lyon metropolitan area.

  • The Halles de Lyon - Paul Bocuse, a covered market with 56 emblematic shops illustrating the gastronomic excellence of Lyon and France.
  • The Lyon-Corbas Wholesale Market, France’s largest private wholesale market for fruits and vegetables, with 35,000 sq. m. of buildings. Over 300,000 tons of products are sold at the market every year, to over 2,000 customers, most of whom are located in the Rhône-Alpes region.
  • The Agrapole, a site serving the farming and food sectors in Lyon Gerland, which brings together farming trade associations, an engineering school and an incubator.
  • A new project for the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon, an arts and culture facility entirely dedicated to gastronomy.

Lyon, a founding member of the International City Network on Food and Gastronomy

With its strong gastronomic heritage, Lyon created the International City Network on Food and Gastronomy in 2007.

Délice is an international network of 32 cities on 4 continents that have chosen gastronomy to promote and improve the quality of life in their region. It is also a forum for interaction to stay informed of global trends, share good practices, create collaborative projects between cities and promote the benefits of culinary excellence and good eating for all.

Lyon regularly organizes events with partner cities that are members of the network, top chefs, culinary institutes and other players in the gastronomy sector.


Major food and gastronomy events

The Lyon area hosts major food and gastronomy events.

  • Sirha Lyon, a world-renowned foodservice and hospitality event. Every 2 years, Lyon hosts Sirha, a Mecca for all foodservice and hospitality professionals. This exhibition is also the stage for the finals of the Bocuse d'Or and Pastry World Cup, two emblematic, world-renowned cooking competitions.
  • Sirha Green, an exhibition dedicated to sustainable foodservice. Every 2 years, alternating with Sirha, it targets all types of foodservice and a wide range of products and services to meet new environmental challenges.

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