Certified as a Positive Energy Territory (TEPOS), the association of municipalities of West Rhône County (COR) is part of the European programme supporting innovative projects in rural areas and is the largest wild swimming area in Europe. With a strong industrial tradition guaranteeing its know-how and skilled labour, this area is home to thousands of companies close to the metropolitan area of Lyon.


Key figures

  • 31 municipalities
  • 50,657 inhabitants
  • Over 2,700 companies
  • A surface area of 577 sq. kilometres
  • 37 million euros invested in municipalities between 2014 and 2018

Sources: www.ouestrhodanien.fr/le-territoire.html - www.ouestrhodanien.fr/implantation-sur-le-territoire.html


Access and connections

  • Motorway (A89) serving the route between Geneva, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux (30 minutes from Lyon and about 1 hour from the major regional urban areas)
  • High-speed train stations in Lyon and Mâcon
  • The Lyon-Saint Exupéry, Bron and Saint-Etienne-Bouthéon airports

Exceptional locations to set up your business

  • Business incubators and business centres at two sites: PHARE in Tarare and PEPITA in Thizy-les-Bourgs
  • 19 business parks, already home to more than 1,250 companies and 12,000 employees.
  • SMADEOR mixed development zone, an industrial and logistics park covering more than 170 sq. kilometres, close to the A6 and A89 motorways and the RN7 trunk road
  • The “Territory of Industries” programme, assigned by the French government to the association of municipalities of West Rhône County, is run by the Region.

These companies chose the association of municipalities of West Rhône County

  • Agis
  • Boiron
  • Gerflor
  • L3C
  • Malerba
  • Ninkasi Fabrique
  • Raffin
  • Thion
  • Tra-c Industrie

Map of the association of municipalities of West Rhône County

The 31 municipalities of West Rhône County

  • Affoux
  • Amplepuis
  • Ancy
  • Chambost-Allières
  • Chénelette
  • Claveisolles
  • Cours
  • Cublize
  • Dième
  • Grandris
  • Joux
  • Lamure-sur-Azergues
  • Meaux-la-Montagne
  • Poule-les-Écharmeaux
  • Ranchal
  • Ronno
  • Saint-Appolinaire
  • Saint-Bonnet-le-Troncy
  • Saint-Clément-sur-Valsonne
  • Saint-Forgeux
  • Saint-Jean-la-Bussière
  • Saint-Just-d’Avray
  • Saint-Marcel-l’Éclairé
  • Saint-Nizier-d’Azergues
  • Saint-Romain-de-Popey
  • Saint-Vincent-de-Reins
  • Les Sauvages
  • Tarare
  • Thizy-les-Bourgs
  • Valsonne
  • Vindry-sur-Turdine

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