10 Oct 13 Oct 2023

G014 and G017 booths - Hall 4
Lyon Eurexpo
9 avenue Louis Blériot
69680 Chassieu - France

  • Growing existing companies
  • Business setup
  • Company transformations and transitions
  • Building
  • Chemicals, environment, ecotechnology, energy
  • Circular economy
  • Social and inclusive economy
  • Industry
  • Transport and logistics

Join us at Pollutec 2023 to meet our Lyon Métropole and Aderly experts. Come and find out about all the opportunities the Lyon area has to offer and how we can help businesses achieve their transition in favour of the environment, energy sufficiency and society.

Meet Lyon Métropole and Aderly at Pollutec 2023 at Eurexpo Lyon (Chassieu). Join us in Hall 4 at booths G14 and G17 at the event showcasing solutions for the environment and for energy, from 10 to 13 October 2023!
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Pollutec is an international event showcasing solutions for the environment and the energy transition for industry, cities, and regions. Like in 2021, Lyon Métropole and Aderly (the Economic Development Agency for the Lyon Region) will take part in the 45th edition of the event, from Tuesday 10 to Friday 13 October 2023, at Eurexpo Lyon (Chassieu).

Whether your company provides solutions or wants to set its sustainable transition in motion, our Lyon Métropole and Aderly experts will be waiting for you at our booths. We will also be speaking at a number of conferences during the event.

Join us at Pollutec 2023, hall 4 – aisle G, at the Lyon Métropole and Aderly booths

Throughout the event, we will be on hand at our neighbouring booths in aisle G of Hall 4 at Eurexpo Lyon.

  • Métropole de Lyon booth, number 14, will focus on the topic "preserving resources".
  • Aderly's booth, number 17, will promote businesses that offer innovative solutions for waste management and energy efficiency.

Join us in Hall 4 at Eurexpo Lyon, at our booths n°14 and n°17 in aisle G.

What's in store at the Lyon Métropole booth?

Lyon Métropole will be promoting its actions in favour of a sustainable trajectory and a more energy-sufficient, circular and carbon-neutral region, with a focus on preserving resources. Concrete examples will be exhibited at booth H4 G014:

  • Preserving water resources: Lyon Métropole began directly managing drinking water production and distribution in the region when it set up "Eau publique du Grand Lyon" (Greater Lyon public water), which began operating on 1st January 2023.
  • Recycling food waste and green waste to preserve natural resources and promote a sustainable and resilient local food system through individual and group-based composting solutions, returning valuable resources to the land.
  • Energy sufficiency and efficiency and the development of renewable energy sources.
  • Promoting an increasingly circular economy, with a strong commitment to developing reuse networks, for example for building materials by helping to set up a platform for sorting and preparing materials for reuse.
  • Sustainable employment for everyone, here in the region: Lyon Métropole is a large-scale local employer in skilled professions in the transition sector, helping to improve quality of life for the region's inhabitants. At Pollutec 2023, it will be helping jobseekers meet businesses in the Lyon Métropole region.
  • Using responsible procurement as a driving force to implement environmental and social criteria, and to favour local cooperations and local channels.
  • Supporting strategic industries for the region's transition: the Métropole supports local associations and encourages formative positive-impact projects that help to protect resources.
  • Decarbonising the region: a key priority for Lyon Métropole, which brings together a community of players committed to the region's transition. A "Manifesto for industrial transformation and environmental commitment" (150 signatory companies to date) and a Pact for Impact 2023-2030 set out the joint ambitions of the industries based in Lyon's Chemical Valley.

The Aderly booth showcases six solutions offered by local businesses

Join us at Aderly's booth (Hall 4 – G17) to discover innovative solutions provided by six companies that are moving or expanding into the Lyon region.

  • Cycle Terre
    • Winner of the European initiative Urban Innovative Actions, Cycle Terre recovers and reuses earth excavated from building sites to produce building materials with a low environmental impact.
  • Lemon Tri
    • Lemon Tri offers innovative solutions for sorting recyclable waste at source and collecting reusable packaging. These solutions increase recycling and reuse rates and create employment opportunities for people (re)integrating the job market.
  • Leviathan Dynamics
    • Leviathan Dynamics designs and manufactures a centrifugal compressor system that uses mechanical vapour compression. It is used in two energy-efficient innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save water: "clean" heating and cooling technology using water as a natural refrigerant (heat pumps, chillers) and a wastewater treatment system for a circular economy (evapo-concentration process).
  • Moulinot 
    • Moulinot is a solidarity-based company with social value (the French ESUS status) specialised in managing food waste (biowaste). It collects and treats food waste which it then supplies to local farmers and operators of anaerobic digestion plants. Moulinot also helps its customers introduce sorting systems and provides training in environmental issues.
  • Novumtech and Renault Trucks 
    • Novumtech, a startup specialised in designing and manufacturing batteries, and Renault Trucks, a pioneer in the circular economy and electric mobility, are combining their expertise to decarbonise the goods transport sector. The two partners have just passed a key milestone by converting a 16-tonne diesel lorry into a battery-powered electric truck. This electric retrofit is a win-win project because it preserves natural resources whilst reducing the environmental impact of the vehicle's use.
    • With financial backing from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ADEME, the project was launched at the Renault Trucks plant in Lyon through the CampX programme. This programme enables Renault Trucks to step up its technological and commercial innovation by creating synergies between its teams and startups.
  • OGGA
    • OGGA is a new Lyon-based company that offers a technological solution to reduce energy consumption in housing using an electronic module and a self-learning algorithm. Easily installed and particularly well-suited to social housing, it offers savings on heating bills and avoids unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.
    • The company designs and markets its products in the heart of Lyon. It draws on the region's ecosystem for both production and preparation. With Solar Impulse certification and over 10,000 homes fitted with its system, OGGA is the first company to introduce the "smart home" concept on a large-scale in social housing. It has already avoided over 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our special events at Pollutec 2023

Special events will be held at our booths and some of our experts will be participating in conferences during Pollutec 2023. The schedule

Tuesday 10 October 2023

  • 11.45 - 12.45, Plenary session: 
    • Conference on "Decarbonising and reindustrialising France – the same agenda". With Émeline Baume, vice-president at Lyon Métropole in charge of the economy, employment, business, digital technology and public procurement. Find out more
  • 15.55 - 16.40, Water forum:
    • Conference on "Lyon Métropole's return to public management of drinking water production and distribution - lessons learned".
  • 16.50 - 17.35, Energy forum: 
    • Conference on "Step up your solar energy projects!"  With Philippe Guelpa-Bonaro, vice-president of Lyon Métropole in charge of climate, energy and reducing advertising.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

  • 10.30, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014:
    • Conference on "Innovating in Lyon through public research and becoming a startup in the transition!"  With startups supported by the region. Hosted by Pulsalys.
  • 12.00, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014:
    • Signing the Lyon Métropole - OTHU-Graie 2023-2026 water convention. With Anne Grosperrin, vice-president of Lyon Métropole in charge of the water cycle.
  • 14.05 - 14.50, Energy forum: 
    • Conference on "Does your current heating system pollute the environment and cost too much? Benefit from the eco-heating allowance to switch to a renewable heating system!
  • 15.00 - 15.45, Biodiversity forum: 
    • Conference on "Lyon Métropole's nature plan and an account of how an apartment building's green walls and roof offer a wealth of positive impacts.
  • 15.55 - 16.40, Sustainable cities forum: 
    • Conference on "Cycling to work: lessons learned from a trial". Hosted by Lyon Métropole's Mobility Agency.
  • 16.50 - 17.35, Sustainable industry forum: 
    • Conference on "Decarbonising industry and the energy transition: Lyon's Chemical Valley in action.

Thursday 12 October 2023

  • 10.25 - 11.10, Circular economy forum: 
    • Conference on "Waste industry players: the driving force behind a waste-free world?" 
  • 11.00, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014: 
    • "The 'Waste reduction management' call for projects two years on: innovative solutions provided by local players." With Isabelle Petiot, vice-president of Lyon Métropole in charge of waste reduction and treatment and sanitation.
  • 11.20 - 12.05, Sustainable cities forum: 
    • Conference on "The low-carbon transition for business: the importance of indirect emissions"
  • 12.15 - 13.00, Water forum: 
    • Conference on "Building tomorrow's sanitation system – Lyon Métropole's strategy"
  • 13.30, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014: 
    • Launch of the impact economy watchdog developed by Lyon Métropole to study objectively and monitor the contribution of economic activities to the region's social, environmental and economic issues. Discover initial data that will be used as a reference point from which to move forward. With Émeline Baume, vice-president at Lyon Métropole in charge of the economy, employment, business, digital technology and public procurement.
  • 14.30, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014:
    • Conference on "Transformation projects underway in our region". With feedback from organisers of the Convention for Businesses in the Climate sector, Lyon area, and regional companies that are transforming their methods of production, value creation and cooperation, supported by Lyon Métropole. Learn about the grants that could help your organisation step up its transition. With Émeline Baume, vice-president at Lyon Métropole in charge of the economy, employment, business, digital technology and public procurement.
  • 14.05 - 14.50, Waste forum: 
    • Conference on "Businesses and local authorities innovate to sort food waste at source in Lyon Métropole". With Isabelle Petiot, vice-president of Lyon Métropole in charge of waste reduction and treatment and sanitation.
  • 16.00, Lyon Métropole booth H4 G014: 
    • Event to promote the Lyon - Saint-Étienne regional industry seed fund (FAIM). Organised by Demeter with the participation of Émeline Baume, vice-president at Lyon Métropole in charge of the economy, employment, business, digital technology and public procurement.
  • 16.45 - 17.45, Plenary session: 
    • Conference on "The Textile Industry: Reconciling societal change and environmental impact". With Émeline Baume, vice-president at Lyon Métropole in charge of the economy, employment, business, digital technology and public procurement.

Friday 13 October 2023

  • 10.25 - 11.10, Energy forum: 
    • Conference on "Heating and cooling networks: connecting us all!"  With Philippe Guelpa-Bonaro, vice-president of Lyon Métropole in charge of climate, energy and reducing advertising
  • 11.20 - 12.05, Circular economy forum: 
    • Conference on "Personal protective equipment (PPE) and work clothes: repairing, upcycling and recycling to improve end-of-life management".

Come and talk to our experts to get involved in the region's environmental, economic and social transitions

Does your business offer solutions? Why not expand into the Lyon region?

Aderly helps French and international companies achieve their ambitions to set up or move to the Lyon region. To drive change in our local ecosystem, Aderly follows businesses that offer solutions for better waste, water, and sustainable building management and for the energy transition.

Our experts at Aderly are on hand to listen to your needs and to:

  • Present our region, one of France's trailblazers when it comes to the environmental and energy transition, and showcase its opportunities
  • Help you set up your research and development sites, development centres, and production plants.

Chat to our specialists about setting up in the Lyon area and your solution for the environmental transition:

  • Damien Vessereau for solutions to meet the needs of the industrial, chemical, environmental, and textile sectors
  • Adrien Cattin for energy solutions
  • Pauline Dirringer for services of societal interest (education, training, the "silver economy", sustainable tourism, sport, arts & crafts, etc.)
  • André Dubuisson for sustainable construction

Are you looking for a strategic location in France for your company? Come and meet them at Aderly's booth at Pollutec 2023 (Hall 4 - G17) or contact them directly to make an appointment!

Is your business already up and running in Lyon Métropole? Would you like to find out more about how the region can help you transform your company sustainably?

Lyon Métropole advises and supports companies as they set their transformation trajectory and helps them find solutions to implement it.

Our specialists, Alice Delcourt and Guillaume Eynard will be at the Lyon Métropole booth every day to:

  • Present you with a range of services adapted to your needs to measure and enhance your impact on the region, from promotion to funding.
  • Support your projects with a positive impact on the region, through networking opportunities and by putting you in touch with real estate experts.

Set a new trajectory for your company and step up your sustainable development transition! Come and meet our experts at the Lyon Métropole booth at Pollutec 2023 to find out more (Hall 4 - G14).

Would you like to join the team of experts at Lyon Métropole?

Our recruitment specialists at Lyon Métropole will be available at their booth Hall 4 - G14, on Wednesday 11 and Friday 13 October 2023! 

Your dedicated specialists

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