12 Mar 15 Mar 2024

ONLYLYON stand - R7.E4 (Hall Riviera 7)
Palais des Festivals
06400 Cannes

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  • Business setup
  • Company transformations and transitions
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Come to Mipim, in Cannes, from 12 to 15 March 2024 and meet real estate specialists from Lyon Métropole and Aderly. Discover opportunities in the Lyon region at our ONLYLYON stand!

Meet Lyon Métropole and its partners at Mipim 2024, 12 to 15 March 2024, in Cannes. Visit our ONLYLYON stand, R7.E4, Riviera Building
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Visual Meet Lyon Métropole and its partners at Mipim 2024, in Cannes. Visit us from 12 to 15 March 2024, ONLYLYON stand, R7.E4 (Riviera Building)!

Mipim brings together the international real estate community each year in Cannes: investors, property companies, promoters, planners, builders, developers, architects, private users and enterprises, local authorities, etc.

The 2024 edition of this business event is an opportunity for us to present our new vision of local development, our offer of services to support your projects and the possibilities for setting up business and real estate investment opportunities in the Lyon region.

Experts from Lyon Métropole, Aderly and our partners will be there to welcome you at our joint ONLYLYON stand. We will also be speaking at several conferences.

Our experts together at the same stand

Together, we will be there to welcome you at our ONLYLYON partnership stand at R7.E4 (Espace Riviera 7):

In particular, experts from Lyon Métropole and Aderly will present the Lyon region’s business development opportunities and our services to ensure the success of your investment, establishment and development projects in our region.

Discover the Lyon metropolitan area and its secure real estate market, as well as the diversity of our urban projects to enhance residents’ quality of life and employees’ quality of work: a wealth of opportunities!

Visit us at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes, Espace Riviera 7, stand R7.E4.

Highlights at the ONLYLYON stand

Over the course of these 4 days, you can also attend a number of conferences organised at our stand.

Wednesday 13 March 2024

  • 11:00 a.m. - Opening conference “Lyon Metropole, committed to transition and cushioning the crisis” 
    • Lyon Metropole is working alongside the real estate industry to cushion the crisis. With its unrivalled power to act, it is resolutely committed to transitions through all its public policies, with an unprecedented 3.5-billioneuro investment plan, to adapt the territory to the challenges of climate change.
    • An overview of results and concrete actions that are helping to create a new urban model will be discussed.
    • With the participation of:
      • Bruno Bernard, president of Lyon Metropole
      • Philippe Layec, president of the Federation of Real Estate Promoters of Lyon region (FPI)
      • Anne Warsmann, president of the lessors’ union of Rhone department and Lyon Metropole
      • Emmanuel Launiau, president of Quartus
  • 2:00 p.m. - Round-table discussion “An unprecedented emergency plan for housing and real estate in the Lyon metropolitan area”
    • Lyon Metropole has activated a €10 million emergency plan for housing and real estate, in addition to the €518 million earmarked for the 2020-2026 mandate. The aim is to support the completion of real estate operations and boost construction in the context of the national crisis. Just a few months after its activation, around fifty operations have been supported, thanks to an unprecedented partnership between different links in the housing production chain.
    • Lyon Metropole is also implementing other measures to boost housing production.
    • With the participation of:
      • Renaud Payre, vice president of Lyon Metropole in charge of housing, habitat and urban policy of Lyon Metropole
      • Béatrice Vessiller, vice president of Lyon Metropole in charge of urban planning and the living environment
      • Bérengère Bouvier, vice president of the of the Federation of Real Estate Promoters (FPI) of Lyon region
      • Frédéric Marchal, regional director of Nexity
      • Arnaud Cecillon, managing director of Rhône Saône Habitat
      • Norbert Fanchon, president of Groupe Gambetta
  • 3:30 p.m. - “Lyon presqu'île 2030: a project to transform the heart of the metropolis and reconnect it to the living world”
    • By developing a major project, Lyon Metropole and its partners are implementing a single vision: to adapt Lyon’s Presqu’île to the effects of global warming, changing lifestyles and mobility.
      • The Presqu’île à vivre project will offer green, peaceful and welcoming public spaces.
      • The Rive Droite project will reconnect the area with the river, transforming the urban freeway into a living space at the heart of the metropolis.
    • With the participation of:
      • Bruno Bernard, president of Lyon Metropole
      • Grégory Doucet, mayor of Lyon
      • Béatrice Vessiller, vice-president of Lyon Metropole in charge of urban planning and the living environment
      • Bertrand Vignal, landscape designer from the BASE agency

Thursday 14 March 2024

  • 9:30 a.m. - “Former International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) tower: an exemplary rehabilitation, a symbol of ecological transition”
    • The Tour Guillot-Bourdeix project is part of the C40’s Reinventing Cities initiative. Among some fifteen candidates, the Redman-Icade consortium was chosen as the winner by the City of Lyon. The project features a mixed program of housing and commercial premises, with a focus on health.
    • The winners are committed to meeting 10 environmental challenges.
    • With the participation of:
      • Grégory Doucet, mayor of Lyon
      • Raphaël Michaud, deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of urban planning
      • Béatrice Vessiller, vice-president of Lyon Metropole in charge of urban planning and the living environment
      • Matthias Navarro, co-founder of Redman
      • Charles-Emmanuel Khün, general manager for Icade Promotion
      • Frédéric Chartier, architect and co-founder of the Nouvelle AOM agency
  • 11:00 a.m. - “Re-industrialization and regeneration of metropolitan real estate”
    • Lyon Metropole actively supports the reindustrialization of its territory by assisting the establishment and development of productive companies through a wide range of measures.
    • As far as land is concerned, it has decided to focus its action and resources on regenerating the existing economic fabric, to the detriment of artificialisation and in anticipation of the national "zero net artificialization" (ZAN) objectives, with the aim of proposing new, more innovative industrial real estate projects.
    • With the participation of:
      • Émeline Baume, vice president of Lyon Metropole in charge of the economy, employment, trade, digital technology and public procurement
      • Vincent Malfere, managing director of the SERL, planning and development company for the Rhône region and the city of Lyon
  • 2:00 p.m. - “Lyon, European metropolis involved in virtuous tertiary development
    • Against a backdrop of changes in the use of office space, Lyon Metropole is developing a model that reconciles the expectations of users and investors with the transition of its territory. This is embodied in the reorientation of two major urban projects:
      • Lyon Part-Dieu and its exemplary strategy of tertiary regeneration, and
      • Lyon Confluence on the realization of new business models.
    • With the participation of:
      • Émeline Baume, vice president of Lyon Metropole in charge of the economy, employment, trade, digital technology and public procurement
      • Samuel Linzau, managing director of the Lyon Confluence local public enterprise (SPL)
      • Florent Sainte Fare Garnot, managing director of the Lyon Part Dieu local public enterprise (SPL)
      • Christophe Condamin, CEO of Sogelym Dixence
      • Cédric Denoyel, CEO of H7

Our other event at Mipim 2023

Thursday 14 March 2024

  • 11:00 a.m. - “Choose France” conference, with Aderly
    • Venue: Geo Focus Stage - Palais 3
    • France remains attractive for international investors, as shown by several companies that have successfully set up in the Aix-Marseille-Provence, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon and Paris metropolitan areas. A conference organised by the development agencies of these metropolitan areas, inviting five foreign companies engaged in international investment to discuss the subject.

Come and meet our experts

Looking for real estate opportunities and/or a strategic location for your business? Our experts in real estate and setting up in the Lyon region can help you:

  • Find tailored solutions for your responsible projects to invest or set up in the Lyon region;
  • Provide you with information about the economic climate and the outlook for markets in the Lyon region;
  • Detect future projects or business opportunities in the Lyon region;
  • Help you move forward with projects under way in our region.

Contact our experts to meet them at Mipim 2024!

  • From Lyon Métropole:
    • Raphaëlle Jolly (business development offer) and Fabien Lopez (transition and regeneration of industrial spaces) are your primary contacts.
    • Sébastien Delestra (director of economic action and transition), Adeline Rambeau (head of the “business development strategy” team), Fanny Laperriere (director of urban project ownership), Isabelle Coullomb (urban projects), Cécile Féré (local public enterprises and planning), Valérie Munier (head of the “habitat” team), Quentin Bardinet (director of territorial development and international relations), Anne-Laure Mignard (marketing), Florence Reboul (events) and Gaëlle Desperrier (assistant) will also be present at the event.
  • From Aderly:
    • Bertrand Foucher (managing director of the agency) and Emmanuelle Sysoyev (strategic development of Aderly and of ONLYLYON) will be present to meet real estate players, as well as the directors of other economic development agencies, in order to share new strategies for attracting investment.
    • Sébastien Brasier (head of the “set up and territories” team) and Margaux Rosier (corporate real estate advisor) will be on site to detect projects to set up businesses in the region and to meet with partners and exhibitors.

Your dedicated specialists

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