Everywhere in the Lyon metropolitan area, you’ll find people to help you on a daily basis with the management of your company: economic developers specialising in their local area and company/employment coordinators specialising in human resources.

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Once you’ve settled in Greater Lyon, you’ll have access to a network, unlike any other in France, of local contacts that you can rely on.

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Is your company located in the Lyon metropolitan area? Do you have a plan or a specific concern? We adapt to your personal requests and special needs.

A local community of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship specialists

Finally, you have access to a valuable field network where you can talk about your needs and share your experiences: LYVE. It’s a community who helps each other, providing well-designed workspaces and a network of experts, to help you start up and grow your business in Greater Lyon.

The economic developer acts as a facilitator to assist the HTH Group with the development of its business in the Lyon metropolitan area, but also to improve the day-to-day life of the company at its site in Pierre-Bénite, by providing information about local projects, establishing connections with the right contacts, and more.

Xavier Lépingle, Managing Director of Holding Textile Hermès (HTH), Pierre-Bénite

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