Our teams will introduce you to the various communities of our ecosystem, provide entry to the 'Invest in Club', spread the word about your arrival in the region, and open the doors of our privileged network of ONLYLYON Ambassadors.


Want to join the local business community : become active in the 'Invest in Club'

Our team invites you to join our club and take advantage of our networks.

  • We will introduce you to your “classmates,” the other companies we helped to set up in the region the same year as you. Who knows? They could become your business partners!
  • We refer you to our operational partners to help you to establish your presence in the region: the Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry for your international development and innovation, Metropole de Lyon and its network of economic developers, the Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Bureau des Congrès et Salons) for your events, and the Employment Centre (Pôle-Emploi) for your HR issues, etc.
  • We invite you to take part in several highlights throughout the year: the Soirée des Implantés de l'année (an event for the region’s latest arrivals), our General Meeting rich in inspiring discussions, and a series of morning events co-organised with the UrbaLyon urban planning agency on the theme of economic, ecological and territorial transitions.

Want to tell the local ecosystem all about your company ?

Your arrival in the Lyon area is a key step in meeting potential partners, clients and collaborators. We support your investment project and your future activity by spreading the word (with your consent and input) by means of a brief on our website announcing your location and latest news. This information is also relayed on our social networks.

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A business network to capitalise on your company's creation or expansion


By choosing to base your company in Lyon and its region, you’ll have the opportunity of joining the ONLYLYON Ambassadors network. This well-established local network offers you several levers to boost and maintain the development of your activities:

  • The consolidation and expansion of your business network ;
  • Helpful contacts for your business, in France and abroad ;
  • Information about the local area's economic trends.

The 27,000 ONLYLYON ambassadors, present in 120 countries, also foster the international promotion of Lyon during their meetings and travels. 

Since 2020, Zity has counted on Aderly's support, particularly after its installation with an article published on Aderly's media and contact with Lyon's communications agencies.

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