Thinking about starting or developing your business in the Lyon region? Want to know more about the market and its players? Our teams will guide you with relevant economic data and strategic connections.

Everything you need to know before you take the leap

Starting up a company or setting up a new business location requires a thorough knowledge of the market. Right from the beginning of your project, we provide you with key figures about your business sector and the opportunities it offers in the Lyon area.  Depending on your needs and objectives, we’ll also help you identify the key economic and scientific stakeholders, so you can share their knowledge. It all starts with an appointment (in person or by phone, as appropriate), so we can get to know your company, your plans and your needs better.

Help with assessing the feasibility of your plan to start up or expand your business

Just ask, and we’ll send you a preliminary assessment of the target market, including relevant economic data and the main stakeholders and structures around which it revolves. This means you’ll have all the information you need to determine the existing potential and prospects for future development, on the local or export market.

Reach out to your future partners

To plug you right into the local ecosystem, we’ll set you up with strategic contacts who may be future clients or potential partners:

  • Business networks
  • Competitive clusters
  • Technological platforms and R&D centres
  • Laboratories


In 2016, we initiated an innovation programme for our user interface business. To conduct this programme, we needed new skills in cutting-edge sectors. The economic development agency of the Lyon metropolitan area worked with its network to set up a half-day of meetings with about fifteen companies specialising in these sectors. After these meetings, we continued our discussions with 4 of the companies, then, one year later, we signed a joint venture agreement with one of them.

Vincent Ligneau, R&D Director, Bosch Rexroth, Vénissieux

Looking for key information to help you analyse and prepare before you start up or expand your business in the Lyon area?

To find out everything about your market, its opportunities and its major players, reach out to our experts.

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