To help you set up in the Lyon area, our teams are here to find real estate solutions with you, from looking for premises to putting you in touch with the specialists in this sector.

We’ll preselect some sites for you and give you technical tips

The location you choose for your business will have a direct impact on its success.  We’ll help you navigate the process so you’ll succeed in the strategic step of finding real estate in the Lyon area:

  • Looking together for existing premises or land to build on ;
  • Organising visits, to explore the selected sites together.

Meeting the key players of the commercial real estate market

From major urban projects in the city centre to newer locations on the outskirts, the Lyon region offers a wide variety of properties.  And it’s very competitive compared to most European cities.

To help you find out what’s available in the area, we’ll put you in touch with commercial real estate specialists:

  • Specialised real estate agencies ;
  • Coworking spaces ;
  • Business centres ;
  • Business incubators ;
  • Partners.

As part of our expansion strategy, and to increase our production capacity, we decided to relocate part of the VitaColor business from Île-de-France and combine it with our subsidiary at a single site. Thanks to the selection of properties and the visits that were offered to us […], we found a site with an area of 2,800 sq. m in Souzy, near Lyon, in the Monts du Lyonnais community of municipalities.

Florent Lebayle, Founder of Solta VitaColor