Published on 27 Dec 2021

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Discover the new strategy tool designed to guide and support the development of sustainable tourism in the Greater Lyon area between now and 2026.

cover of the 2021-2026 Lyon Metropolitan Area Sustainable Tourism Development Plan (in French)
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For the first time, Lyon Métropole has adopted a tourism development plan. Approved at the 13 December 2021 meeting of the Lyon Métropole Council, this document lays out the aims and the strategy framework for the Greater Lyon area’s tourism policy over the 2021-2026 period.

Making Lyon a benchmark destination for sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism development plan: 4 core aims

As the result of discussions between Lyon Métropole and tourism industry stakeholders during the year 2020-2021, this document presents the sustainable tourism development strategy for Greater Lyon.

This strategy is built around several key aims:

  • Consolidate a resilient, balanced tourist destination
  • Support tourism industry employment in the Lyon metropolitan area
  • Accelerate the shift towards more environmentally friendly tourism
  • Ensure inclusive, participatory and respectful tourism

These 4 objectives have been broken down into 30 concrete proposals that will be implemented jointly by Lyon Métropole and the Lyon Area Tourism Office and Convention Bureau for 2021-2026.

A plan to build the future of Lyon tourism, together

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