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Nora Guermam Human Resources and Employment Services Advisor

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Palais du Commerce
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69002 Lyon

Nora Guermam Human Resources and Employment Services Advisor

Her career started in 2010 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Labour and Negotiation, working in various positions that strengthened her business, HR and project management skills, among others…



Nora joined Pôle Emploi in 2013 as an RSA benefits advisor and obtained a master’s degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations at the same time. She then went on to become an MRS (Job Simulation Recruitment) advisor - a method that aims to recruit applicants without a CV. Finding work for long-term job seekers has always been a real source of motivation. Nora has lived in Singapore and Stockholm, and after this four-year career break, she moved back to her home town of Lyon. Resuming her position as an MRS advisor enabled her to roll out the MRS scheme and work with microbusinesses, SMEs and corporations to help them with their recruitment problems and offer them a tailor-made solution.



As part of an agreement between Aderly and Pôle Emploi, Nora has been seconded to Aderly’s HR department as an HR Advisor to develop partnerships, facilitate the arrival of new companies and support companies with their recruitment, HR studies, salary scales, etc.

Languages: English, Arabic, French